An educated person is familiar with the Bible

The Bible and Its Influence is a feast for the mind, the eye, and the heart. Instructive,
beautiful, and engaging!”
Amy A. Kass, Ph.D., University of Chicago

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Bible Literacy Quiz

Some Simple Instructions:
  1. You cannot proceed to the next question until you've answered the current question successfully.
  2. Even the wrong answers may be informative so feel free to explore.
  3. If you complete all the questions, you'll receive a Bible Literacy Quotient and be able to compare your score to others.
  4. If you use the forward and back buttons on your browser, your score will be adversely affected. Use the provided navigation links. You can always take the quiz again.
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Current Stats:
Number of Quizzes Taken: 5754
Best Score: 100%
Average: 82%
Worst Score: 1%

The Bible and Its Influence

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